Carolyn Murphy Picks Her Shinola Favorites

BY Taylor Rebhan

We recently asked Carolyn to pick her top five Shinola products, particularly the items she loves to carry around in her Lois Tote, a bag she designed in honor of her effortlessly chic nana. 

Here are Carolyn’s Shinola selections: 

Tall Snap Wallet

Handcrafted from rich, premium leather, our Tall Snap Wallet is thoughtfully constructed to keep all your essentials neat, without the bulk.

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Canfield Over-Ear Headphones

From the stainless steel components to the interchangeable memory foam lambskin ear pads, these Canfield Over-Ear Headphones are a revelation in listening.

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Petoskey Pocket Knife

The Shinola Petoskey Pocket Knife is made in partnership with Santa Fe Stoneworks and produced from high-grade steel and genuine Petoskey stone. 

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Medium Soft Linen Journal

Manufactured in the United States from all US-sourced components, our journals feature acid-free paper from sustainably managed American forests.


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Leather Wrapped Case for iPhone

Our elegant, leather wrapped case for the iPhone is handcrafted from rich, embossed bridle leather. The minimal, sturdy design will protect your phone for years to come.


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