5 Treats to Try at the Shinola Café

BY Taylor Rebhan

Our Detroit flagship store’s Shinola Café has some new offerings including pressed paninis, sustainably harvested coffee, and organic sweets. We asked five employees what their recommendations are for a good morning and afternoon ritual. 

1. Guatemalan Drip Coffee Blend


“The Guatemalan drip coffee smells like hot chocolate and milk as it brews. It has a smooth, caramel finish to it.” — Elaine, Shinola Café Supervisor 

2. Sightglass Roasters Coffee


“The coffee comes from Sightglass roasters, based out of San Francisco — we have a really strong partnership with them and they send us a lot of good coffees,” says Paul, Shinola Café Barista. 

“Sightglass teaches us a lot about the farmers they work with and source coffee from. We get updates from the farm like what new technology they are using, how their farm is progressing, challenges their farm might be facing like drought or crop damage, and all this helps us convey the full story to people who are interested in learning more about the coffees we offer.”

3. Turkey Bacon Panini


“My favorite panini is the turkey bacon, and the caprese panini is also popular,” says Matt, Shinola Café Barista.

4. Honey Vanilla Latté


“The honey vanilla latté is a good blend of espresso and natural honey that they put in. It’s on the sweeter side, but not too sweet,” says Rosalyn, Flagship Key Holder + Visual Merchandiser.

5. Latté + Outdoor Patio


“I love to bring my laptop to the Shinola Café, grab a latté, and sit outside to enjoy the sunshine in the Midtown neighborhood. It’s the ‘pièce de résistance’ of my afternoon,” says Lisa, Marketing Brand Ambassador.

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