5 Favorites In the Shinola + Leatherman multi-tool

BY Taylor Rebhan

We were inspired by the adventurer’s way of life: taking risks, seeking beauty, and always being prepared for whatever is thrown your way. In this spirit, we partnered with Leatherman to produce a uniquely designed multi-tool. We started with Leatherman’s most popular design, the Charge AL, which combines all their most popular tools. Exclusive details were added, like the sophisticated matte navy anodized exterior, a watch strap changing tool and custom American leather sheath.

Adventurers: We hope you enjoy using this tool as much as we did creating it — check out our favorite features below. 

1. Needlenose Pliers 


As one of the most requested Leatherman tools, the needlenose pliers couldn’t be left out.

2. Shinola Watch Strap Changing Tool 


Did you know you can purchase individual watch straps for almost every one of our watches? Choose your watch strap and then use this watch strap changing tool to create a new look. 

3. 4mm + 5mm Hex Bits


A variety of bits are included with the Shinola + Leatherman Multitool. These 4mm and 5mm Hex bits can be used for all your bicycle maintenance needs. 

4. Scissors


These scissors can slice through just about anything when you’re in a pinch.

5. The 154CM Steel Blade Knife


The stainless steel blade will stay put until you need it (just don’t forget to take it out of your carry-on while traveling). 


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