The Detrola Watch

  1. The Prism Break Detrola 38mm
  2. The No.2 Detrola 43mm
  3. The Sea Creatures 40mm
  4. The Sea Creatures 40mm
  5. The Model D Detrola 43mm
  6. The OBP Detrola 43mm
  7. The Daily Wear Detrola 43mm

Most men own a watch, but not every man owns a timepiece. Because while any watch can account for the time, only the right watch accounts for taste. To make sure you can find your new favorite, we've thoughtfully designed diverse options. From chronographs to dive watches, stainless steel bracelets to signature leather straps, we have what you need to fit where you are-and more importantly-who you are. The Shinola men's watch collection combines elegance with practicality. These timepieces will tell you the time, but they'll also elevate your style.

At Shinola, our men's watches and our leather straps are assembled and crafted by artisans right here in Detroit. These men's watches are handcrafted to stand out with a style that's uniquely your own. Shinola artisans combine the essential attributes of classic timepieces with our own modern flair. Choose from our different watches for men to find the timepiece that will be lived in and well loved for years to come.


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