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Limited Edition Smokey Robinson Turntable

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Item: 20196280-sdt-008513281

A Chart Topper

Crafted from heavy aluminum, stainless steel and American white oak, the Limited-Edition Smokey Robinson Runwell Turntable is a remarkable work of art that both the casual music lover and discerning audiophile will appreciate. This limited-edition turntable features a serialized platter coin adorned with Smokey Robinson’s signature. In harmony with the Great Americans Series: Smokey Robinson Limited-Edition Watch, the platter coin and bezel on this turntable match the true blue dial color on the timepiece. The turntable includes a cutting-edge phono preamplifier built into the turntable. High-quality materials dampen unwanted noise, and an adjustable belt drive reduces vibrations near the platter, creating a quieter turntable, so you can enjoy your quality music with top-quality sound. Only 25 of these highly limited-edition turntables were produced.

Included with the turntable is a record that features never-heard-before renditions of these classic hits, “My Guy” and “My Girl,” which were both written by Smokey.

Please note this item ships flat rate ground for orders shipped within the contiguous United States.

Wow and Flutter
< 0.1%
35.4db @ 1KHz
RIAA Conformance Deviation
Less than +/- 0.25db, 20Hz to 20 KHz, exclusive of infrasonic filter at 13Hz
Input Overload
> 200mv at 1KHz
Input Impedance
47kohm in parallel with 200pf
Signal-to-noise Ratio exclusive of cartridge intrinsic noise, unweighted
> 82db
Gain 1kHz MM 35.4dB (jumpers open)
Gain 1kHz MC 55.1dB (jumpers installed)
Termination impedance, MM gain resistive 47kohm, via synthetic cooled termination
Equivalent temperature of 47kohm input termination, midband < 20 degrees Kelvin
Termination impedance, capacitive 200pF on board
Termination impedance, MC gain resistive installed on input pads per cartridge requirements
EQ characteristic RIAA standard
Infrasonic filter Second-order maximally-flat, -3dBr at 13Hz
Line-level output resistance 49.9 ohms, unmated
Overload margins > 32dB at any frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz, based on reference levels of 5mV rms at 1kHz, 500uV rms at 20Hz, 50mV rms at 20kHz
Output noise, MM gain, at various analyzer filter bandwidths and 75 ohm generator Z 22Hz to 22kHz: 22uV rms
100Hz to 22kHz: 12uV rms
400Hz to 22kHz: 8.6uV rms
Output noise, MC gain, 10 ohm generator Z 22Hz to 22kHz: < 220uV rms
100Hz to 22kHz: < 120uV rms
400Hz to 22kHz: < 86uV rms
Power consumption from mains input, preamp only enabled < 8W
Distortion at noise-versus-distortion inflection point < 0.001%
Dimensions 18” x 13.875” x 7.5” (47.6cm x 35.2cm x 19cm)