Warranties & Manuals

  1. Shinola Watch Warranties
  2. Detrola 3-year Limited Warranty - terms and conditions
  3. Quartz Watch Limited Lifetime Warranty - terms and conditions
  4. Automatic watch limited lifetime warranty - terms and conditions
  5. Watch Manuals
  6. Monster Automatic Manual

How-To Guides

  1. How to: Set the Time and Date on Your Quartz Watch
  2. How to: Wind Your Mechanic Watch
  3. How to: Wind Your Automatic Watch
  4. How to: Use the Yacht Timer Function on the Shinola Mackinac
  5. How to: Track Multiple Time Zones with the GMT Monster
  6. Shinola Canfield Speedway Tips & Tricks
  7. How to: Set the Date & Time on Your Monster Automatic
  8. How to: Adjust the Settings on a Canfield Sport Watch
  9. How to: Change Your Watch Strap
  10. How to: Work Your Runwell Automatic
  11. How to: Use a Chronograph
  12. How to: Set Your Moon Phase Watch
  13. How to: Use a Unidirectional Bezel
  14. Watch Bracelet Resizing
  15. Watch Sizing Guide
  16. How to: Adjust the Bracelet on a Vinton
  17. How to: Adjust Your Monster Automatic Bracelet
  18. Shinola Monster Automatic Tips & Tricks


  1. Post-Purchase Watch Engraving Form
  2. Ordering Replacement Watch Straps
  3. Automatic Watch Maintenance & Servicing


  1. Repairs & Battery Replacements in the US
  2. Watch Repair Diagnostic Fee
  3. Watch Repair Costs
  4. Watch Repairs & Battery Replacements in the UK
  5. Watch Repairs & Battery Replacements in Canada
  6. Watch Repairs & Battery Replacements in Mexico
  7. Watch Repairs & Battery Replacements in China
  8. Watch Repairs & Battery Replacements in Europe
  9. Watch Repairs Outside of US, Canada, Mexico, and China
  10. Shinola Watch Repair Form - Reference Guide

Care & Expectations

  1. Watch Battery Care and Expectations
  2. Watch Material Care & Expectations
  3. Detrola Care & Expectations
  4. Watch Strap Care & Expectations
  5. Watch Water Resistance
  6. Caring For Your Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it mean when the second hand ticks every 4 seconds instead of every second?
  2. What does the Serial Number mean on my watch?
  3. What is the difference between automatic and quartz movements?
  4. How can magnets affect my automatic watch?
  5. What are your watch straps made from? And where are they built?

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