Watch Battery Care and Expectations

Your Shinola watch was designed to be lived in, worn out, and well-loved; in this article we'll explain the expectations for our watch batteries and share some tips for extending the life of your battery. 

Warranty Information 

  • Watch batteries are not covered under any of Shinola's watch warranties
  • Shinola offers 18-month coverage on the original battery if it dies early. If your battery has died, please visit our watch repair form online, visit a Shinola retail store or authorized service center, or call our customer service team at +1-844-744-6652
  • In order to maintain your warranty, you must use an authorized service center or Shinola when replacing a dead battery 

Expected Lifespan

  • Shinola batteries have an expected lifespan of  about 18-24 months
  • Each watch starts ticking as soon as it comes off the factory line, meaning battery life may vary slightly within the two years of ownership 

Why is my watch is only ticking every 4 seconds? (End of Life or "EOL" Technology)

  • The end of life, or EOL, function is designed to alert you that your battery will soon need to be replaced
  • The second hand on your watch will begin to tick in 4 second intervals rather than every second
  • The watch is still keeping time, just saving energy and alerting you

Tips for Conserving Battery Life

  • If you do not plan to wear your watch for a longer period, stop the watch by pulling the crown out to the last position
    • You will simply need to reset the time when you go to wear your watch next
  • Do not let a chronograph (stopwatch) function on your watch run when not in use as this will quickly deteriorate the battery
  • Avoid storing your watch next to your smart phone or magnets
    • Smart phones and magnets can cause a quartz watch to stop keeping time which can appear as though the battery is dead  
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