Apparel & Accessories

  1. Runwell Navigator Sunglasses
  2. Shinola Logo Sweatshirt
  3. Arrow Sunglasses
  4. Arrow 52mm Round Sunglasses
  5. Arrow Round Sunglasses
  6. Arrow 52mm Round Sunglasses
  7. Runwell Aviator Polarized Sunglasses
  8. Runwell Aviator Polarized Sunglasses


Get dressed from head to toe with Shinola apparel and accessories. Perfect complements to your favorite Shinola watches or jewelry pieces, our apparel accessories are crafted with the same love and attention to detail as our most signature pieces. 

Whether you’re used to the cold Michigan winters or not, you can’t go wrong cozying up with a Shinola logo sweatshirt, an Alpaca wool knit hat, and a pair of wool knit mittens. These apparel accessories are available in standout colorways and are perfect additions to your Shinola collection.

Want to share the Shinola love in your living space as well? Our Shinola Alpaca throw blankets are stylishly crafted to fit any home. Designed with a breathtaking combination of vibrant colors and made to always keep you comfortable, these blankets will trump all others in your home.

And you can’t have a proper apparel accessories collection without a stylish pair of glasses. Protect your eyes from the blue light on your screens or the harmful UV rays from the sun with our latest eyewear collection. We took on the task of making well-crafted eyewear including prescription-ready glasses, sunglasses, and blue light blocking glasses.

Shop Shinola apparel and accessories today to add to your collection of built-to-last pieces.

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