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And that’s no mistake. After four years, job creation is still the thing we're most proud of. Since we started, we've hired hundreds of people in Detroit and across the country. We've built factories, supplied the capital and connections for key suppliers to expand their existing operations. Sometimes in order to achieve our core goals of American job creation and the rejuvenation of American manufacturing, we have to source components from outside of the United States.

Today Shinola employs roughly 530 employees, with between 200 and 250 in manufacturing at any given time depending on the production needs at that time.

We are committed to making Shinola goods with as many American-made components as possible.

Sometimes it's not possible…

Certain parts and components are no longer made in America at the quality and scale that we require. We are always looking for opportunities to source more of our components in the US, while remaining at a price point that is accessible, which allows us to scale and ultimately create more sustainable jobs.

View the chart below to see where each of our components are sourced.