The Shinola Hotel

  1. Monopoly®: Shinola Detroit Edition
  2. Shinola Wool Stripe Throw Blanket
  3. Shinola Wool Stripe Pillow
  4. Shinola Alpaca Throw Blanket_Spruce
  5. Leather Coaster Set
  6. Shinola Alpaca Throw Blanket_Oatmeal
  7. The Runwell Clock
  8. The Runwell Clock

Shinola Hotel Room Supplies

At the Shinola Hotel, the magic of Detroit is on full display. Our Shinola Hotel room supplies are thoughtfully assembled and crafted by artisans, including those right here in Detroit. Create a memorable guest experience with Shinola Hotel room supplies.

Bring that magic of Detroit home with you with Shinola Hotel room supplies. Your guests might just come back for every family vacation, business meeting, or short weekend getaway just to experience it. . Choose from our variety of Shinola Hotel room supplies that will bring a sense of character and a modern flair. Shop Shinola Hotel room supplies that will ensure your guests have a memorable stay, from check-in to check-out.

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