Runabout Foldover Tote

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Meet the bag that holds exactly what you need—whether it’s a little or a lot. The Runabout Tote is crafted out of cotton-based ripstop, a classic workwear and military-use material. A waxed treatment makes it durable and water-resistant. Trimmed out with leather detailing and contrast stitching, it’s got an outdoorsy lived-in feeling. 



Classic, hardwearing cotton waxed ripstopcanvas. Veg-tanned Italian Vachetta leather trimming that will only get better with time. 



Snaps closed. Large open compartment. Exterior slip pocket.Interior leather card pocket and slip pocket. D-ring to secure keys—or your Shinola Headphone Case for AirPod Pros.



Whether you’re running about town, campus, or the office, the Runabout Collection is designed to keep up. Pockets galore. Sturdy construction. Classic materials. It’s a win-win-win.



Crafted with durable matte nickel-plated brass hardware.

Waxed Canvas

Cleaning and Care: Do NOT wash, dry or spot clean with any cleaning products as this will damage and remove the wax finish. Do not dry-clean. Brush off excessive dirt, and gently wipe with a lightly dampened cloth. Allow to air dry. Oil based stains are likely to remain after cleaning and will become a part of the bags developing patina adding character.

Heavily worn areas can be rewaxed with Martexin Original Wax refinishing compound, which is specifically developed for this waxed canvas. A good indicator of when it is time to rewax, is fabric that is significantly lighter than initial use or water failing to bead on the surface.
Before rewaxing, ensure that the bag surface has been cleaned and completely dried. Use a lint roller to remove any lint or debris from the surface.
Using a gloved hand, apply a small daub of wax to the canvas in the area to be re-wax and rub into the canvas in a circular motion ensuring the coat of wax is even.
Use a heat gun, or hair dryer, to heat up the wax allowing it to liquify and blend into the fibers. Use fingers to evenly spread the wax in a circular motion while moving the heat around at the same time to prevent burning. Let the freshly waxed bag dry overnight. If there are any areas of excessive wax, reheat until the wax liquifies and blot with a clean paper towel. Blend wax into the surface and allow to dry overnight..

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SKU 20256397
Features D-ring to secure keys or Shinola Headphone Case for AirPod Pros
Snap Closure
Large open compartment
Exterior slip pocket
Leather card pocket
Interior slip pocket
Nickel plated brass hardware
Water resistant exterior twill canvas
Dimensions 18.5" x 17" x 5.5" | Shoulder/Strap Drop:11.5"

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