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Birthday Gifts To Last A Lifetime

Your birthday is the one day a year that’s all about you. So why not ask for birthday gifts that are all about you and your style too? Shinola birthday gifts combine timeless pieces with thoughtful personalization to perfectly capture whoever’s birthday you’re shopping for. Whether it’s your best friend, significant other, or even a family member, Shinola has birthday gift ideas for all.

Our team of expert gift-givers put together this collection to make birthday gifting as easy as “add to cart.” For those looking for birthday presents as unique as the person turning another year older, browse our personalized gifts including engraved watches and jewelry, monogrammed journals and bags, and more. For cool birthday gifts that only get better with age (like the birthday girl or guy themselves), browse our leather gifts including wallets, bags, belts, watch straps, and more. Can’t decide what birthday gift ideas are best? You can’t go wrong with our origin story: The Runwell Watch.

Celebrate any and all birthdays in style by shopping for birthday gifts from Shinola today.

Looking for more gift ideas? Shop our gift guides for all occasions for gifts they’ll love for a lifetime.

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  1. Scrabble®: Shinola Detroit Edition

    New Arrival

    Scrabble®: Shinola Detroit Edition Multi


  2. New Arrival

    Shinola Logo Hoodie


  3. Diamond Rivet Jacket Stud Earrings

    New Arrival

    Diamond Rivet Jacket Stud Earrings 14k Gold


  4. Shinola Hand Poured 4-Wick Candle

    New Arrival

    Shinola Hand Poured 4-Wick Candle


  5. Pave Detroit "D" Charm

    New Arrival

    Pave Detroit "D" Charm Sterling Silver


  6. Camera Bag

    New Arrival

    Camera Bag Tan


    Natural Grain Leather
  7. The Runwell 41mm

    New Arrival

    The Runwell 41mm Blue


  8. The Runwell 47mm

    New Arrival

    The Runwell 47mm Green


  9. The Mechanic 39mm

    New Arrival

    The Mechanic 39mm Black


  10. The Mechanic 39mm

    New Arrival

    The Mechanic 39mm Green


  11. The Mechanic 39mm

    New Arrival

    The Mechanic 39mm Cream


  12. Snap Leather Pencil Tray

    New Arrival

    Snap Leather Pencil Tray Tan


  13. Leather Coaster Set

    New Arrival

    Leather Coaster Set Tan


  14. The Duck 42mm

    New Arrival

    The Duck 42mm Seaweed


  15. 10,000 Mile Duffle

    New Arrival

    10,000 Mile Duffle


  16. Case for AirPod Pro- Chestnut
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    New Colors Available

    Case for AirPod Pro


    USA Heritage Leather

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