Unisex Watches

  1. The Sea Creatures 40mm
  2. The Sea Creatures 40mm
  3. The Runwell 41mm
  4. The Vinton 38mm
  5. The Vinton 38mm
  6. The Vinton 38mm
  7. The Sea Creatures 40mm
  8. The Daily Wear Detrola 43mm

Unisex Watches For Everyone

Style knows no gender. Just because a watch is labeled “men’s” or “women’s” doesn’t mean it’s for men or women only. Feel out your own style and rock the watch that’s on your wrist with confidence. That’s why we’ve created a collection of unisex watches.

Whether you’re looking for casual unisex sport watches or a more elevated unisex watch, Shinola has a timeless timepiece to help tell your story. Our casually cool line of  Detrola watches, including Sea Creatures watches made from upcycled ocean plastic, amplifies you through color, nostalgia, innovation, and cause. For an elevated unisex watch, turn to our 41mm Runwell or 38mm Vinton watches. The Vinton effortlessly exudes modern sophistication and bonus—it’s engravable! While The Runwell is built to last with designs that will wear just as well in decades to come as it does right this minute.

Shop Shinola unisex watches for a watch that’s truly as unique as you are.

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