Unisex Watches

  1. The Runwell 41mm
  2. The Runwell 41mm
  3. The Vinton 38mm
  4. The Vinton 38mm
  5. The Sea Creatures 40mm
  6. The Pinky Detrola 43mm
  7. The Model D Detrola 43mm

Unisex Watches For Everyone

Your watch should be an expression of you. No matter what that expression might be. If you’re looking for a watch that fits you, look no further than Shinola’s unisex watches. These watches are made to match any style, at any time. A unisex watch from Shinola can as luxurious as the Vinton, as casual as the Detrola, or as rugged as the Sea Creatures. 

Every Shinola unisex watch shines with Shinola’s unique style and is sure to please. Your accessories don’t determine your identity, they complement it. 

Find the perfect Shinola unisex watch for you!

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