The Champ

We Made a Watch
to Celebrate Champions.

Everything Changed But That.

give your champ a champ

Originally designed to commemorate the 2020 Summer Olympics, The Champ Detrola will still celebrate the grit, beauty and endurance of the human spirit.

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We're asking you, our community, to help us recognize the everyday champions in our lives who have risen to the challenge of this pandemic. Gift them a Champ as a symbol of gratitude. By doing so, together we'll raise immediate support for healthcare workers in Detroit who are selflessly fighting on the front lines of this unprecedented pandemic through the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

The games might be delayed, but we're re-opening our factory to finish building this watch for the champions of summer 2020.

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Logo
Collage of images including shopfronts in Detroit and the exterior packaging of the Champ as well as a close-up of the Champ dial
Collage of images inlcuding Greektown Casino, the Majestic Theatre and an interior-look of the Champ packaging.

Give a Champ. Help a Champ.

Every single cent from the Champ Detrola will go to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan—specifically, their Healthcare Worker fund.

What Makes a Champ?

Your cousin who's a first responder. Your partner who's an essential worker. Your mother who's an ICU nurse. Your do-good neighbors, your vaccine-researching aunt, your postal delivery person and anyone and everyone who has Done Something™. Because in times like these, there's no cap on heroic deeds, acts of kindness, or what constitutes a champion.

What is CFSEM?

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is a full-service philanthropic organization leading the way to positive change. Led by president Mariam Noland, the Foundation has a significant track record of leadership in important initiatives, from playing a major role during the city's bankruptcy to now helping Detroit's health care organizations fight COVID-19.

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When Will the Champ be Ready?

We are building out our re-opening strategy to ensure the safety of every watch artisan in our Detroit factory. We anticipate on re-opening with these strategies in place in mid-July, putting the completion of the Champ at the end of July.

give your champ a champ