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The Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors

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Sound In Its Purest Form

While the Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors were specifically crafted for artists performing live, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy unparalleled sound anywhere. That’s why we designed these high-end monitors to have all the qualities professional musicians need with the addition of an inline microphone, a volume control and a multifunctional button for everyday use.. Made from the same quality metal components as our timepieces, the Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors have interchangeable memory foam and silicone ear tips, designed to provide hours of comfortable listening. Developed in-house with our partners at Campfire Audio, every pair of Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors is fully designed, tuned, built and tested in the United States.

Transducer Type
Quad balanced armature receiver
Frequency Response
10HZ - 20K
Total Harmonic Distortion
< 1%
37Ω @ 1KHZ
Sound Pressure Level
102 DB
Warranty/ManualClick here to view and print

Materials Balanced Armature Receiver

Each Pro In-Ear monitor is powered by two high-end balanced armature receivers, a bass woofer and a mid-high range tweeter. Tuned to span genres, Shinola’s sound signature focuses on detailed vocals while providing enough bass to support, but never overwhelm, your favorite music.

Comfort Comfort Is King

The best music makes you forget where you are, and the best earbuds make you feel like there’s nothing in your ear at all. An array of memory foam and silicone ear tips makes it easy to find the perfect fit, creating an isolated listening experience. For additional comfort, the monitor cable swivels. The monitors are also detachable, allowing you to switch out the cable as necessary to ensure the product’s longevity.

Manufacturing Campfire Audio

Founded in 2014, Campfire Audio is the brainchild of Ken Ball, plant pathologist turned audio maven. His company is now one of the most respected names in personal audio.

Campfire was involved in every aspect of this product launch from design to engineering. The Pro IEMs are even tuned with their proprietary high-resolution 3D printed acoustic manifold. We also co-developed a custom MMCX (Micro Miniature Coaxial Connector) because we believe products should adapt with the customer and that—like a watch strap—the cable should be replaceable and upgradable over time.