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We love the easy style that a cruiser bike implies, but not the impracticality of the slack frame geometry and cumbersome handling. The Bixby riffs off the fun look of the curved top tube, but improves on the fit and function with nimble frame geometry and a Shimano 3-speed internal hub. The American-made steel frame and fork are designed for comfort, utility and smooth urban riding, in dry or wet. The Bixby is offered in both a classic men's and women's frame design, with thoughtful touches like gender-specific saddle design and proportional geometry. Like The Bixby's big brother, the Runwell, The Bixby frame has custom Shinola dropouts, fork crown, rack and fender mounts and internal cable routing. Style. Performance. Smooth. Efficient. The Bixby has it all. Available in char, mauve, taupe and teal.

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Frame TrueTemper double-butted CroMo, custom tubing configuration
Frame Details Shinola custom laser cut dropouts
Fork Double-butted CroMo, Shinola custom cast fork crown, rack and fender eyelets
Headset Polished alloy, 1 1/8"
Handlebar Shinola Alloy, 55º backsweep, 580mm width, 25.4mm clamp
Grips Shinola leather w/alloy grip clamps, 130mm
Stem Polished alloy, 1 1/8" +/- 6º rise
Brakes Shimano mechanical disc w/160mm rotors
Brake Levers Shimano levers
Shifters Shimano Nexus Revo
Crankset FSA, F. Gimondi, 44T ring
Bottom Bracket Shimano, cartridge, square taper
Chain Shimano, 1/2" x 3/32"
Chainguard Shinola Chainguard
Cog Shimano Nexus, 18T
Front Hub Shimano Deore disc, 32º, bolt-on
Rear Hub Shimano Nexus 3-sp disc, Silent Clutch
Rims Sun CR-18, 32º, one-eyelet, P/V, polished silver
Spokes DT Swiss Champion, 14g, stainless
Tires Schwalbe Delta Cruiser, Crème-Reflex, 700x35C, w/reflective strip
Pedals Aluminum, toe-clip compatible
Saddle Shinola leather, Women's shape, copper rails and rivets
Seatpost Polished alloy, 27.2mm x 350mm
Extras Included Bell and alloy fenders

All measurements in millimeters unless otherwise noted.

Your Height Inseam Size
5'0" - 5'8" / 152.4cm - 172.7cm 25" - 32" / 63.5cm - 81.3cm 47cm
5'8" - 6'0" / 172.7cm - 182.9cm 31" - 33" / 78.7cm - 83.8cm 51cm
The Process

The heart and soul of a Shinola bicycle begins in the legendary Waterford Precision Cycles factory in Wisconsin, where our frames and forks are individually handcrafted by experts using double-butted cro-moly steel.Once shipped to our Detroit workshop, they undergo a custom-level assembly by our bike specialists, and each component is fitted by hand and tested for precision. This close attention to each and every detail ensures that every bicycle that ships from our Detroit workshop delivers impeccable reliability and an unbeatably smooth and responsive ride.

Tech info

Every technical resource you could need for our bicycles—including shipping and assembly instructions, manual and warranty information, and a link to the bicycle FAQs.

    Technical Information

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  2. Read the bicycle FAQs
  3. Download the manual and warranty information
  4. A detailed look at a Shimano internal hub, courtesy of Bicycling Magazine

    Assembly Videos

    All of our bicycles are shipped "Pedal Ready." Watch the video below to learn more.
  1. Pedal Ready
  2. Pedal Ready PDF
  3. Rear Wheel Removal/Reinstall

Your Height Inseam Size
5'0" - 5'8" / 152.4cm - 172.7cm 25" - 32" / 63.5cm - 81.3cm 47cm
5'8" - 6'0" / 172.7cm - 182.9cm 31" - 33" / 78.7cm - 83.8cm 51cm

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