Even though our products are made to last, getting them brand new is nice, too.
  • Watches

    Detroit-built watches
    In 60 years or so, a grandfather will finally be able to pass down an American wristwatch.
  • Leather

    Artisanal Leather Collection
    There's a 100 year old tradition of making leather in this country that refuses to be sent overseas.
  • Supply

    A selection of meticulously chosen items handcrafted in workshops across the USA.
  • Bicycles

    custom level bicycles
    All the know-how of the Motor City, without a motor.
  • Journals

    Michigan-made journals
    We know it goes against the trend, but we wanted to make paper products in this country again.
  • Pet

    American-made pet accessories
    The Shinola Pet collection, includes leashes, collars, beds and toys that were designed and developed together with Bruce Weber and the Shinola design team.